Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced License

FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced License FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced License is the next level up from the FileMaker Pro 14. It has all of the basic version’s features with the addition of advanced development tools like a script debugger and database encryption. Build your database and collaborate with other FileMaker users across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Building a Smarter Workspace FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced is gives you the chance to customize your script workspace. You can create, edit and view scripts. This design is geared towards helping you save development time in the future. Here are few ways FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced saves you time: The Auto Complete feature pulls up a list applicable script pieces based on what you type. A single letter is all it takes. Speed up your script building time even more with Shortcuts that use abbreviated text to further the building process. With the Favorites features you can easily access scripts you’ve used in the past. In the same vein, FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced also has a Search feature that can be used to find scripts in an instant. The building and editing process can occur in the same window. The Script Workspace eliminated the need for multiple load screens and windows when one window can double as an editor and a builder. Work Efficiently For those who prefer to multitask, FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced has an all-in-one view options that enables you to work on multiple scripts at once. All the scripts can be open and manipulated without closing out or switching out windows or workspaces. Superior Organization FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced has a highly intuitive and organized filing system. In the Launch Center your scripts, fold and separators follow a logical progression. An area for the files you use more frequently will be stored under Favorites. You can also customize your solutions by assigning icons from the included pre-designed icons (of which there are 29), or by making your own icons. Implement your own filing arrangement by simply clicking and dragging. The freedom to personalize the script and launch area extends to making your own custom toolbars and button bar with the icons of your choice (140 pre-designed icons are available). Experiment with different layout configurations and even add in-field labels with placeholder text containing brief instructions or notes to streamline your layout even more. A Clean Script Builder The script workspace will never be overfilled and difficult to navigate. With adequate spacing and comfortable line breaks, your scripts are always easy to read. Careful consideration for blank lines, line numbers, indentations and syntax coloring results in a clean, legible script. Importing Options Data can be imported from other sources and other files times. FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced accepts data from CSV, Tab, XML, ODBC, and Microsoft Excel files. It can also integrate with applications like Oracle and MySQL data sources. Encryption Measures FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced in particular offers Database Encryption to protect your files. It uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect data stored on the FileMaker client or the FileMaker Server.
Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced License

Price: 449.99


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