Paragon Software Paragon Protect and Restore Unified Site – 10 seat (1yr)

Paragon Software Paragon Protect and Restore Unified Site – 10 seat (1yr)TAS Renewal – PPR 10 Seat Technology Assurance & Technical Support 1 Year Subscription Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Made Easy VMware vSphere Free for agentless backup & replication of VMware guest systems Windows Workstation Free for agent-based backup & restore of Windows workstations Multi-tier storage infrastructure and exclusive data deduplication Remote recovery and on-site hardware independent restore (HIR) Application-level backup of MS Exchange databases All-in-one The use of a common availability solution for protecting, ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V and physical Windows systems drastically reduces IT administration work, thus lowering the associated expenses. Protect & Restore is also ideal if either physical or virtual systems are used exclusively. Control Simple control and monitoring! Paragon Protect & Restore lets you manage all backup tasks for various systems from a central management console. Support is included for all conventional monitoring solutions and offers extended testing, reporting and analysis functions. Smooth integration & scalability Is your business growing? Protect & Restore will grow right along with it! Flexible licensing for flexible companies Paragon Protect & Restore adapts to your IT requirements and can also be expanded retroactively for using in tandem with hypervisors from other manufacturers (such as VMware and Hyper-V). Storage reconfiguration and infrastructure expansion can be accomplished in minutes. High availability and continuity of business operations Paragon Protect & Restore adapts to your companys Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Near CDP, instant replication (failover), automatic data validation, test failover and much more ensure continuity and constant availability. Efficient use of data storage The more efficiently backup solutions make use of available storage memory, the easier it will be on your IT budget. Multi-tier storage support, archiving functions and expanded data duplication options are only a few of the functions which make Protect & Restore one of the most cost-efficient solutions on the market.
Paragon Software Paragon Protect and Restore Unified Site – 10 seat (1yr)

Price: 250.00


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