Symbol DS9808 Scanner (DS9808-SR00007C1WR)

Symbol DS9808 Scanner (DS9808-SR00007C1WR) The Symbol DS9808 scanner delivers a new level of versatility, functionality, and performance. It features a hybrid form factor for superior comfort and ease of use in both handheld and hands-free scanning modes. Like New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! Symbol DS9808 Features Innovative hybrid design – Truly designed for ease of use for both hands-free and handheld scanning; dynamically switches between modes Comprehensive data capture: 1D, 2D and PDF417 symbologies; image capture. EAS compatible – Enables automatic deactivation of EAS security tags Omni-directional scanning; wide working range, laser aiming pattern – Easy to use; no need to align item and scanner; virtually no training required Withstands multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete – Designed to endure the rigors of everyday use for maximum reliability Swipe speed programmable up to 100 inches/254 cm per second – Optimized scanning speed delivers robust performance and accurate capture of a wide variety of bar codes Flexible working range – Two models to best meet your working range requirements: DS9808-SR up to 10.5 inches/26.7 cm and DS9808-LR up to 18 inches/ 45.7 cm (in handheld mode) Supports RSM (Remote Scanner Management) – Lowers IT expenses and TCO by enabling remote management from a central location Multiple on-board interfaces; universal cable compatible – Easy to install; future-proof — today’s scanner can connect to tomorrow’s host Extra loud beeper – Audible in the loudest environments Extra large LED indicator – Clearly visible from all scanning positions Rubberized handle – Provides workers with a comfortable, sure grip Includes Symbol DS9808 scanner USB host interface cable
Symbol DS9808 Scanner (DS9808-SR00007C1WR)

Price: 139.99


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