Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter (60961-32, 60961-21)

Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter (60961-32) The Plantronics HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook. Like New: New: $53.99 Quantity Plantronics HL10 Features Automatically lifts handset and returns it to the cradle Enables remote or one touch call answer/end with your Plantronics headset No desktop footprint Compatible with most standard desktop phones Fast operation Compatibility Compatible with Plantronics CS50 , CS55 , and CS70N wireless headsets Compatible with SupraPlus wireless headsets – CS351, CS351N, CS361, CS361N Also compatible with the Plantronics Voyager Legend CS
Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter (60961-32, 60961-21)

Price: 29.99


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